I am student currently studying a BSc Audio Engineering in the UK. I am about all things FOSS, Libre, Linux and anything else that sounds complex.

My past time normally involves trying to do something clever with my computer, breaking and then fixing it again (normally learning an enormous amount in the process).

My favourite books:

My hobbies:

  • Playing Guitar, Bass and singing
  • Dwarf Fortress, D&D, Skyrim, Minecraft and random games off Steam and Game Jolt
  • Coding, breaking code and pasting random things from stack overflow and Cinematography, Film making, Editing, VFX, making other people record with a decent microphone, cause if you don’t the whole film will suck Alex!
  • Running, MMA and getting destroyed in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Designing circuits, making them and destroying them by putting in the wrong resistor value
  • Sound Design, Producing, Recording and messing with PureData
  • Writing long lists and forgetting to sound professional (Please refer to my C.V. for something with less wit)